Friday, 26 October 2012

Day for Daniel

Good morning everyone!  How was your week?  Can't believe it's Friday already.  Where do our weeks go?  Guess it has something to do with keeping busy. 
I had a busy week by attending two scrap meets, catching up with afew friends, prebowls, shopping and assisting my daughter with a couple of school assignments.
What's on your agenda for this weekend?  It seems most of the household members here will be busy with their plans. 
Little old me just has scrapbooking workshop tonight until late and bowling league on Sunday night. My 14 yo will be bowling in a tournament on Sunday after attending to a Halloween party on Saturday night.  My 12 yo and her Dad will be off four wheel driving all day on Sunday.  A perfect day to have the house all to myself. 
Today is Day for Daniel Day. It's an annual event held once a year to focus on Child Safety Awareness. Most schools are involved in this event by allowing students to wear something red on the day and be involved in activiities by having guest speakers or talks from their teachers about child safely on the streets and internet. If you are parent, I hope you will provide your child/ren the general life skills learning at home. For further information go to 
Only two days ago I heard it's only two months until Christmas. Guess that means I really need to get my act together and get these presents finished. Thank goodness there is a scrap camp coming up in November.  I plan on using that weekend to finish off the albums projects that are almost finished. Guess there will be afew late nights coming from next month as well. Have any of you started on your Christmas shopping or card writing yet? 
Better go as I have some things to do around the home today.
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

When's this roller coaster ride going to end?

For the past week I felt my life was like a roller coaster ride.  Dealing with two cancellations and a rebellious teen who decided to change schools again.  Only today she finally went back to school after half a term of absence.  Just hope she doesn't give the run around and stress like she has been giving me for the past few months.

She decided to go back to her old high school as she claims she's missing her friends.  At least I don't have new uniforms to buy or be interviewed for new enrollment.  All we had to do was show up to the office this morning to have her enrollment re-activated.

Last weekend I wasn't online as our internet service was down. I couldn't logged to the net or emails.  The problem wasn't solved until Sunday night. But during this time I decided to make a start with camp preparations as the scrap camp is held next month.

This week I had a relative (on my Dad's side)down as he had a specialist appointment at the hospital on Monday afternoon.  He stayed at my parent's house for only two nights.  We went over on Sunday afternoon to catch up with him for afew hours.  We picked him up from Roma Street Station in Brisbane city.  It's been quite a long time since I last drive about in the city.

Time for bed as I am getting tired.  Enjoy the reminder of this week!  My weekend will be busy as I have a couple of events on.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Term 4 started

Good evening everyone!  How's your week been going?  This week was the first week back for the students to learn after a two week holiday. Inspite the weather changes from summer to winter I had a busy week with normal commitments, attending appointments and I had two scrap meets this week on Tuesday and yesterday.
Yesterday I was introduced to French scrapbooking through AZZA.  It's only a new company introduced to Australia for about three years now.  It’s an European style of scrapbooking which uses very few embellishments. The ideal design of this scrapbook layout is based on creatively cropping your photos by using stencil templates of different shapes or from a pre-made template.  Majority of these templates come in 12 inch to fit your 12 inch square pages.
My 12 yo started the year 7 into 8 transition program today at the high school. Being the first day for her to be there and didn't know anyone, I stayed with her and observed what was going on for two hours.  At arrival a group of SEU students had a booklet received to do abit of writing about themselves, then they had a tour of the school, had about half an hour of doing PE and back to the room to do more bookwork.  For PE the students played Futsal (which is indoor soccer)
Once a week for five weeks she will be visiting this school for a couple of hours each morning to do a program to help to get used the idea of getting ready to go next year.  She's a SEU student so her first year of high school will be different then the other students. 
Better go and think about getting some beauty sleep.  Not sure what I will get up tomorrow.  It just depends on the mood I am feeling in the morning.  But I know I will be busy on Sunday as I will have an Uncle down visiting for afew days. 
Have a good weekend! 

Monday, 8 October 2012

Weather changes fast

Good afternoon everyone!  School holidays are now over and the kids went back to school this morning.  Boy!  It was hard to get up early as I was getting used to sleeping in over the school holidays. 
This term will be only ten weeks long and what a busy little term it will become in such a short time.  I know it will travel by so fast and farewelling primary school life will be upon us before I know it.  My darling little 12 yo will be graduating year 7 in December. BOO HOO!  I wish kids didn't have to grow up so fast!! Why can't they stay young and be in primary school forever???
How was your weekend?  I hope you enjoyed your time off with your family and/or friends.
What a hot weekend we had here.  Yesterday the temperature reached 36C (96F) but by 8pm the southern change came and temperature dropped so quickly.  It ended up becaming a cooler night and an overcast day here today.  BOM predicts this week will be abit of a mixed bag with either cooler or hot temperatures throughout the country and rain and possible storms in some areas of the state. It will be impossible to work out what to wear each day as we never know what's around the corner.
Consider my 12 yo and I were out at the public pool on Saturday, I decided to stay away from the hot sun yesterday.  I was indoors all day and watched most of the V8 supercar race on TV.  It was live from Bathurst, NSW. The race car drivers had to drive 161 laps around this circuit within about seven hours. Three years ago we stopped briefly in Bathurst, on our way home from our holiday.  We enjoyed the experience of driving this track under normal speed conditions.  I don't know how the race driver professionals can handle this track at high speeds as I found I was abit nervous driving around the hugh corner at normal speed. This circuit is a normal road for locals who live up the mountain. This website link:,_New_South_Wales will give further details about the town and sport.
Last night's bowling was okay to play but unfortunately my team didn't win any points as we played against a top bowler.  But the good news I did come home with a star of the week certificate for bowling a great over average game from the week before. Only have another six weeks of play left, then the season will be over for the year.  After a six week break the new season will resume in January.  At this stage I don't know if I want to return or change leagues.
Better go as I have some scrap gear to sort out and have it ready for this week's meets.  I have my casual meet at the store tomorrow and a new workshop to attend to on this Thursday.
Have a good week! 

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Goodbye Holidays

Hi everyone!  How was your week?  It's almost the end of the school holidays and what a busy week we had. 

While my 14 yo had her own organisations of activities with friends, her sister was booked in to do a sports program for four days.  Normally it runs over five days but Monday was a public holiday.  She seem to enjoy it but I think the last two days might of been abit too warm to be playing sport.  It will be her last time of doing this program because next year she will be in high school.

During the girls absence I spent majority of my time at home.  Except for Tuesday as I was at the craft store for my weekly of casually scrap with others.  Also on Wednesday night I was out as I had a workshop on about BOM. This time we had to do a page about our favourite things and things about yourself. 

It's just about the start of this weekend and I am guessing the highways will be busy both up and down the coast as we are predicting summer temperatures.  Tomorrw I have organise a day to go to a local pool in Brisbane to catch up with another family there with afew kids.

So whatever plans you might have for this weekend, don't forget to safe travel and slip, slop and slap if you are going to spend your time outdoors. 

It's now just after midnight and I better get some sleep, otherwise I will be snoozing more at the pool then swimming today. 

Have a good weekend!

Monday, 1 October 2012

September report

Goodbye September!  Well...... that is what I seen on the facebook wall this morning from Snoopy page.  It was then I realised how quickly the first month of spring went.  I hope you all had a good month.  Any exciting news you wish to share, be my guest!!

Inspite on being involved in normal activities, I got back into the swing of things with my scrapbooking attendance again regularly at the craft store or through my CM consultant.  But I am now thinking of trying out French Scrapbooking as I have found some interesting and challenging templates to use at the craft show.  I have found a local consultant who does french scrapbooking.  I have booked my first introduction workshop to attend next week.  A couple of craft ladies I know at the craft store has done the introduction workshop in August and I had seen their first page layout done.  It looked simple to do to me!!

Also I joined twitter, only because Rachel's class is on twitter and tweets daily with what they get up to and learn.  I am not sure if her teacher will continue to tweet in term 4 as there is staff changes taking place after the school holidays. At present time I am following around 100 people, events or businesses and try to tweet daily. So if you have a twitter account, feel free to forward your details in the comment's column.

Rachel and her father had three nights in Hervey Bay.  Besides spending time with some family members, they experienced whale watching on a boat that went offshore from Hervey Bay.  They seem to enjoyed this experience and may wish to do it again in the future.  I know I don't want to this because I suffer sea sickness quite badly. It seems my body takes sometime to gain my land legs back after being on a boat cruise of all standards.  I can't even handle cruising down the Brisbane River anymore.  I only had this problem since I was pregnant with my first liveborn child. Fifteen years ago I board a day boat cruise to Brampton Island from Mackay. Because it was cyclone season at the time, the cruise was one uneventful ride of my life. I thought my life was over because the waves were very hugh. Easily been high as a dinosaur!! I was double the amount of sickness because I was just in the start of the first trimester of being pregnant and I had morning sickness too. It taken me days to get my land legs back to normal. 

Currently it's school holidays for my kids.  They already had their first week passed and they were busy with places to go.  This week will be just as busy with things to do and places to go.  Today it's the public holiday known as the Queen's Birthday in our state. For further details about this public holiday, read it in my Expression of Interest blog.

Whatever plans you might have for October I hope it will be a good month for you. If you celebrate an anniversary or birthday this month, I hope you will have an enjoyable day with your loved ones.