Thursday, 30 November 2017

Goodbye Spring!

OMG!! Where is this year really going?  Only 25 more sleeps until Christmas Day!  I haven't even thought much about this year's Christmas shopping, card writing and etc. as I have been busy dealing with my college degree.  Next week is the last week of college and proud to say we only have our final module to complete tomorrow. Our graduation won't happened until January 2018. It will be abit hard to apply for any current teacher aide's positions before school ends next week as none of us can show our certificate until late January. In today's mail my first aide certificate finally arrived after the hiccups since September.

Today is the last day of spring but like I said in a previous blog we started summer temperatures already. Throughout this month we seen more rainfall and an odd storm here and there.  The BOM are predicting a possible wet festive season. Really it depends on how hard the rain falls in short time over the festive season. My Christmas dinner supposedly be happening at my daughter's house. If there is too much rain with flash flooding in low areas it will be very hard to travel to her place. On the weather report on TV tonight there was a Tropical Cyclone formed out the sea off Western Australia.  I wasn't expecting to hear about cyclones as yet.  Normally we don't hear about them until January.

Year 10 to 12 have now finished their school year. All private schools will be finished by tomorrow. Only the state schools from prep to year 9 will finished next Friday. My field placement will be completed next week too. In my last week I will be working with other teacher aides and see what really goes behind the scenes. Today in their staffroom I observed two teacher's aides preparing many scrapbooks for next year's classes. 

This week was my last week to work in the junior classrooms. I will miss them as I have gain some form of professional relationship with some students.  I have grown to know more about their personality traits, etc. It has been a great experience to see and learn how much the curriculum has changed since I was at school. Even my 19 year old said last week the curriculum has changed a lot since she was in year one. The only thing I will to learn more is about their handwriting styles because it sure has changed a lot since my school days. Guess I will have to buy a handwriting book and start practicing over the holidays.

About a month ago my 19 yo has announced her engagement to her child's father. They plan to get married in autumn 2019. They plan on having three bridesmaids (all relatives), one flower girl (which I am sure you can work out who that person is) and three groomsmen (two are friends and one relative). At the moment only their wedding attire are on layby. They decided to order now while major sales are on.  My job is to make invitations next year!

Just recently my grand daughter has developed a new milestone.  She started to scribble on paper.  Also she scribbles on walls and tables. At this stage we can't predict which way she will go with her fine motor skills.  At the moment she seems to be using both left and right hands to hold a pencil and scribble. But I feel she might end up be left handed because she seems to feel more comfortable in scribbling and holding the pencil right. If I had to, I can cut and write left handed but not as fast and confident as my right hand.

Better go as I have some Christmas Cards to write to my college mates and hand out tomorrow.  A couple of students won't be able to attend to the break up party next week.  Have a good night!