Sunday, 1 November 2015

October report

How was your month of October? It supposedly been half way into our spring season but we had summer temperatures and severe storms already.  BOM has predicted good cyclones to hit our country this upcoming summer season. Going by international news I have heard some stories about what mother nature has been up in the northern hemisphere.  We had a couple of minor earthquakes hit in our state too!
Had a busy month as usual with my study commitments and attending to only a couple of craft meets. Two weekends ago I had attended to our craft retreat at a resort on the Sunshine Coast.  It was a good weekend and mostly worked on some craft swaps and made a lot of cards.
Back to school happened after Labour Day weekend.  Pupil free day happened on 19 October which I worked almost a full day at work experience. The centre had organised two jumping castles for the kids to play in and a special guest from Reverse Garage QLD came in to educate children about being creative in arts from using recycled products. 
Ten days ago our beloved neighbour's cat named Theo passed away.  The cat was only 2 years old and it was quite a shocked when the owner approached us with the bad news. We don't really know what happened but we just assumed it was either a bad accident or sudden illness to take the cat's life away from everyone.  I do really missed the little guy! Theo was a beloved and friendly little guy who loved most of us in our street. He would visit our house on a daily basis as he was best friends with my cat which I am sure he misses him too!  My cat was sad for afew days! Theo loved to be in my car too! 
My 15 yo had a near health scare last month. Two weeks ago she spotted two moles on her back. On last Thursday she had her full body scan done at a Melanoma Clinic.  Luckily for her she doesn't have any skin cancer at present. Because she has very fair complexion and has a family history of melanomas, she is required to have her skin check now, every two years. Just a reminder to all parents and grandparents (who babysit) about their child/ren who have sun exposure. It might be a big deal to children now but once they are adults, the damage is done!  The doctor who seen my daughter on Thursday did say it's important to look after your skin for life. Not only the sun damages your skin, it also premature your skin too!!
My 15 yo had work experience this week, worked at a doggy daycare shed. It's similar to childcare but working with small dogs. Owners bring in their dogs to be supervised for the day.  Rachel had alot of interactions with the dogs and learn behaviour traits. She worked from 8:30am to 5pm and had a 2hr lunch break (that's when the dogs napped) each day.
Did you celebrate Halloween?  This celebration isn't my cup of tea!  I wasn't home this weekend to even know if there were any Halloween celebrations happened. 
Enjoy your month of November!  At the end of this month I will have a 17 yo who will be graduating high school.