Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Goodbye 2016! Hello 2017!!

Welcome 2017! And we are already half way into January.  After spending over 2 weeks stay at my bf's house I finally went home last week to do the normal...job hunting and so on. I have two job interviews this week, related to the work I am interested in.  Wish me luck!!

When I am at home I have been following summer tennis on TV.  This week Australian Open in Melbourne had started. Afew Aussies lost after first round!

First craft workshop was held on 8th January.  It was more to do your own projects which I was busy playing around with my scrap supplies.  Just recently purchased a new backpack on wheels.  I thought this would be ideal and teach me to pack more lighter when going to workshops. My regular Tuesday meets resumed today but I couldn't go as I had three appointments to attend.  The last one was the job interview which happened three hours ago!! I won' t know until this Friday if I was the successful applicant or not. 
Where the job interview had taken place, a public pool was next door!  Consider how hot today was and walked a km to get to and from the interview venue I was attempted to go to the public pool and jump in...clothes and all after the interview!!

My Sunday league resumes back this week.  We have afew new members joining our league.  We will be bowling for 47 weeks and then have our break up party after. We will have our first social event next month.  It's more to get to know our new members.

This month I managed to see two recent movies at the cinema. I watched Red Dog with my bf and SING with my daughter. Next month 50 shades darker will be on and I can't wait to see it.  Has anyone read the book series??
Does anyone have any new year resolutions?  I have afew thoughts but I learnt not to share because 9/10 I don't intend to stick by them.
Have a great 2017!  Sadly for one family I don't think it will be a good year as my bf's father is terminally ill with two brain tumours. It was diagnosed on NYE!! The old fella was very sick over Christmas but couldn't see the doctor until the public holidays ended after Christmas. Its a very aggressive tumour and the doctor wasn't hopeful for a good outcome.  The patient is currently getting radiation treatment for extra quality time with the family. The doctor was only giving him six weeks!!! They think he might suffer a stroke in the end because of where these tumours are.  He already lost his hearing!!!  He turned 80 last week!!! Very sad indeed!  He is a lovely guy who loves his family!!