Saturday, 25 August 2012


Only six more days to go and we will be farwelling winter.  About time too because I am so sick of winter.  Temperatures hasn't really been too bad this season but catching the winter bugs, annoys me the most.

I thought I might of had a lucky season for once to not catch a virus but no...I had this flu for over a week now and I don't think this cough or sinus will depart in a hurry.  I just finished the first course of antibodics and I will have to go back to the chemist this morning to pick the repeat course to take for the next five days.  I will be back to see the doctor on Monday morning.

My darling 12 yo daughter caught the flu too and she had a week off school. Can you imagine how much sleep I would of had this week?  Not much each night so my daytimes would be more sleep when I could.

This week has been a long week! The first half was practically stayed in bed but for the past couple of days I managed to sit up more.  Mostly on the laptop here to check emails, etc, etc. And managed to spend an hour or two doing some digital scrapbooking. I only got four months left to complete a digital album for a Christmas present.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Only two days ago I turned another year older.  I can remember when I was growing up I always counted down the weeks, days and hours as a child's birthday would be the most exciting thing on their yearly agenda.  But I never really was the spoilt child to have parties with friends throughout my school years but I was still excited as I knew I would be expected to come home from school to see a birthday cake and a present from my parents and cards in the mail from my now belated grandparents, aunts and some cousins.

Compared to today's 21st century kids so spoilt with modern technology devices, I grew up from a low income family status so I only had the basics of food, clothing and shelter. Receiving a present at Christmas, Easter and Birthdays was something special because I wasn't a spoilt brat like today's unrespectful teens are of today. 

It wasn't until I become the young adult to go out partying or dinner dates for my birthday with friends. That is when I started to really enjoy celebrating birthdays with friends. I feel being with friends to share the occassion is the reason why to celebrate a new era. Was it the true meaning of celebration is what now I am missing??

Two decades on, I am starting to dislike celebrating birthdays now.  Not because I am growing older each year or happened to catch the flu but I am starting to lose my past  family members or family friends around my birthdate. This is when I realised I am not as young and vibrant person I used to be, anymore!!

Only a week ago I lost an Uncle and his funeral is currently in service at Sarina.  As much I would of like to see my extended family members this week and pay for my last respects to my Uncle, I couldn't go travelling because this flu got the better of me since last weekend.

So what's your ideal of celebrating your birthday annually?  Or are you like me these days, just let another day pass on by??

Friday, 17 August 2012

EKKA season

Hi everyone!  How was your week?  Our week was a shorter week as Monday was a public holiday known as Show Holiday for Brisbane. 
The EKKA is an annual carnival event for the capital city of Queensland and it intends to run for ten days.  But they smack a public holiday in for one day. Personally I didn't think this public holiday is really needed for just a carnival. I am sure there is enough time over ten days to attend if people are that keen on going to the EKKA to have fun. 
I never went to the EKKA this year but the rest of this household did.  Monique went with some friends on one day while Rachel went with her father on a different day. I think they can home with the free event, known as the FLU because I just came down with the early stages last night. At current time it's more the sore muscles, high temperature and an annoying cough that is knocking me about. I intend to get tired quite quickly.  Been a mum it's impossible to rest all day when the kids are at home.
I am starting to really disliking August because of death notices. This is the third time in four years I have lost a relative in August. Only just less then twelve months ago I lost an Auntie but I couldn't attend to her funeral because the timing was lousy to travel on such short notice.
Less then a week ago I had the news about my Uncle was in hospital after suffering a heart attack.  But unfortunately he lost his battle to live on Thursday morning.  He only had 30% of his heart functioning and 40% of his lungs functioning because he suffered a massive chest infection that killed them.  I was told his funeral will be held next Wednesday afternoon which I am hoping to make the trip up to pay my last respects to him and visit my Auntie's resting spot. Depending on how this flu progresses in the next two days, I might consider leaving on Monday with my 12 daughter to spend five days away from home. 
This weekend I am supposely be going away to a stamping camp but luckily for me I managed to get my money refunded.  I wouldn't enjoyed my weekend away anyway as I would have next week on my mind more as well as trying to recover from the flu.
At present time it's after 10:30pm and I thought heard thunder outside. At first I thought it was only my imagination until I opened the door and spotted lightning. I checked on BOM website and there isn't any storms forecast for tonight. So I guess even the weather bureau didn't even seen this mini cell popped up to hit only minor in the Logan area.  Going by radar, the cell is quite fast moving so we won't be expecting much rain at all.  Don't even think it will come pass over my house even. While I was in the shower I thought of my belated Uncle.  It's only been less then 48 hours and he is already making up a scene from heaven.. Mate!  Is there any beer up there??  Have one on me!!!
Take care and have a good weekend!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Not 2010 again!!

What a year I am having?  At present time I feel more blue then happiness. Really it feels groundhog year of 2010 all over again.  They say things happens in three but not in this case.  When it rains it pours here in my life!! In the last five months I had striked one disaster of news to the next from sick relatives, rebellious teens to car problems. 

First it was my Dad back into hospital for an emergency hermia on one weekend in March.  Luckily so far he is fine and recovered well.  But looks like my mum might be the next hospital case I will have to deal with down the track as I only found out today she started to have one catarat in one of her eyes.  They said it might be 2-3 years before the catarat is fully covered over that eye. I do wonder if it's a family gene problem because her mum had it years ago and went totally blind in that eye.  It was too late to have anything done as she didn't go to her local medical centre for treatment.  I don't think she like going to GPs or dentists as I heard she never went to any in the time I existed in life.

Just when I recovered from my Dad's weekend ordeal I found out one of his cousins had early stages of prostate cancer.  He came to Brisbane to have surgery to remove the prostate organ in June.  Only last week the same cousin was back to Brisbane for the check up and good news he is fine. Just requires regular PSA tests done every three months for two years!! 

But this morning's bombshell news at breakfast hours was really the last straw.  I have an Uncle who's currently in hospital after suffering a massive heart attack sometime during the night.  Going by the diagnose,  I was told he might not last the weekend as it is quite serious.  Because he lives miles away with his wife (who is my Dad's eldest sister), I don't get to see my extended relatives as much as I used to when I was a child. 

He's been quite an ill patient for quite a long time with heart condition issues and even had by pass surgeries to survived on borrowed time.  I don't know if his past generations had suffered the same condition but I hope their three sons have regular health checks with their family GP. Their youngest child is about the same age as me so most of my life I used to see him more at home as the older siblings already left home with their partners.  My Uncle enjoyed his beer because he was a hard worker on their family farm in Central QLD. There is alot of other good memories of my uncle as he was a good man with a sense of Aussie humour. When that time goes when he gets call to go back home to God, he will be sadly missed by his beloved family members and friends.

They were married for 56 years which I think back in those days, the ladies intend to get married young.  I wasn't even born when they got married. The last time I saw him was when I was invited to attend to their 50th wedding anniversary celebrations in 2006. They raised four kids on a cane farm!  I used to visit them at the farm on school holidays. It was a twelve hour drive from Brisbane! I always knew the farm was getting closer because of other sights I can remembering seeing first.  I can remember my Uncle was out most of the day working on their farm and only came in for lunch and supper.

It's after midnight here on now Sunday morning. I am not sure what kind of day I am expected to have. At present time I am just taking one day at a time. All I will say I will dread the hour when I hear the phone ring and the call is the one I don't want to know in the next day or so.  I don't know if I can attend to his funeral as it all depends on how much notice we received.  But there is one thing I am kicking myself for not making the summer holiday up there in January.  It's the second time I have done it and I am not happy about it as I intend to lose a relative that year. 

It's not even quite twelve months yet I had lost an Auntie in the same area.  I couldn't go to her funeral because it was just too short notice to travel to go by car.  I thought about flighting up just for the day, but the flight times didn't agree with the time of the funeral starting.

Yesterday was just lazed about inside as I wasn't in the mood to be socializing outside the house.  But my best friend was supportive as we spoke on the phone for a couple of hours today.  It was nice to have a supportive friend at time of need! It was a quiet household as the other three members were out most of the day.  My rebellious teenager was out most of the day with friends while her sibling was out with her father at the Brisbane EKKA until 9pm.

Better go and try to get some beauty sleep but I am not expecting to sleep well as I just have too much on my mind at present time. Have a good week!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Computer time

Goodbye July!  Hello August!  It's now the fifth day into August and what a cold start of the month it has been here.  It was on Friday we had the coldest morning here.  At 6:30am the temperature outside reached one degrees celcuis.  No wonder why my cat didn't want to go outside in a hurry.

How was your week?  It was pretty much an ordinary week for me at home, dealing with normal commitments, watching the olympics on TV and made a start with camp preparations as my weekend away to a stamping camp this time is held two weekends away. It's been a decade since I last attended to a stamp camp in Brisbane.

How's your weekend been going?  I decided to be different yesteday by going to a softball competition in the morning as one of my friends were competing in the masters over three days.  Out of the four games so far they have won 2 or 3 matches.  If they win this morning, they will be competing for the gold match this afternoon.

Better go as I have some things to do at home today.  Have a good week!